One Day In Jamaica

Everyone has that one country they want to visit but for reasons unknown, they always put it off. That country for me has always been Jamaica. The first time I watched Cool Runnings about the Jamaica bobsled team that entered into the 1988 winter Olympics, I fell in love with the country I got to see on screen. I’ll be honest, I didn’t think it was going to be possible due to the logistics of being able to get there from Australia but last year, I put my foot down and decided if it was somewhere, I really wanted to go, I just had to. I had to make it a priority.

Flash forward to two weeks ago, that dream became a reality and I entered the one country that I have always wanted to visit.

I lucked out last year, I was able to book a cheap cruise that ventured down into the Caribbean. Funnily enough, it was cheaper for me to pay for flights and jump on a cruise from the US than it was to jump on a cruise from my home town and do the south pacific. Who would have thought? Anyway, that’s another issue on its own.

Let me tell you this. Jamaica did not disappoint. Hopefully in the future I can make plans to go back and see and discover more but for the moment, I’m content.

On January 29th, on board Royal Caribbean’s, Independence of The Seas we docked in Falmouth Jamaica. Falmouth lies between Ocho Rios and Montego Bay and is the capital of Trelawny Parish.

I ended up booking a tour through Royal Caribbean that took us around the island sightseeing and most importantly, to Ocho Rios. I had looked up the area on the next before going and it was one of the destinations I definitely wanted to see.

Highlights of the tour included:

  • Ocho Rios
  • Bamboo Beach

We spent pretty much 4 hours exploring as much as possible before we were taken to a beautiful little beach where we could enjoy the sun, sand and the ocean. It was a great way to relax.

There is one thing though that Jamaica taught me. Something I have decided to bring back to Australia with me:

 “There are no problems, only situations and every situation has a solution.”

I’ll be honest, prior to going to Jamaica I was told how unsafe the country was and that I shouldn’t go but you know what, every country has it’s good and bad. The people I met were beautiful and happy, but I never felt unsafe in their country. So for those of you who worry about this sort of thing, don’t. Just go, enjoy it. You never know what you could be missing out on.


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